Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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We have exciting news for all you Toyota enthusiast out there. The Japanese giant has shown us the first teaser of 2012 Camry. When we say teaser, it indeed is one, for it doesn’t reveal much.

For all anticipating Camry lovers, we have the teaser posted below. Toyota president and CEO Akio Toyoda who appears in the teaser video calls the upcoming vehicle as “the best Camry ever” and will “exceed your expectations.”  The 2012 Camry, according to him, will be a “remarkable car in terms of handling, safety and fuel economy.”

Anticipation is on a high with the teaser coming out. We expect the car to drive in with a refurbished design, compared to the Camry of 2007. Well, a more spacious and classy design is a sure. But we will need to wait and see how stylish the end product will be.

More info is yet to come by, though. Nevertheless, we expect the rebuilt Camry this fall.

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