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The time has come to crown the best efforts, designs and performance in the auto industry. While 2013/2014 has seen many a great car see light, there can always only be one winner.

The World Car of the Year awards have just released their top finalists in each category.

Categories include the Performance Car of the Year, the Green Car of the Year, the Luxury Car of the Year, the Design Car of the Year and, of course, the over winner – The World Car of the Year.

There are three finalists in each category, and let us tell you, it looks to be a super tough decision as to who will eventually have the title.

Check out the list of finalists in each category below: 

World Luxury Car of the Year:

– Bentley Flying Spur

– Range Rover Sport

– Mercedes-Benz S-Class


World Performance Car of the Year:

– Ferrari 458 Speciale

– Corvette Stingray

– Porsche 911 GT3


World Green Car of the Year:

– BMW i3

– Audi A3 Sportback G-Tron

– Audi E-Gas


World Design Car of the Year:

– Mazda 3

– Mercedes-Benz C-Class

– BMW i3


The Overall World Car of the Year:

– Audi A3

– Mazda 3

– BMW 4 Series

As you can see, leading the pack is both Audi and BMW with three nominations each. The winners will be announced in April at the New York Auto Show.

So who do you think will take top honors this year?

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