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If you have the chance to see one in your life, consider yourself lucky. These cars are so rare that it seems almost banal in comparison to winning the lottery. For some, only a few copies exist, and their owners watch on them like the Apple of their eye. Fortunately, these 10 photos are here to delight the wards of all those who cross, don’t fictitiously, their paths paved of gold.

1 Phantom Corsair (1938)

Known as the “Car of Tomorrow,” this prototype concept car was produced in a single and small copy. Fruit of the designer Rust Heinz (Yes like ketchup, Rust is the second son of the wealthy M.D Heinz of the ketchup empire) and of the bodybuilder Bohman & Schwartz, his unusual style draws on naval architecture. It is equipped with a V8 Cord of origin and 192 HP. Presented at the New York World’s Fair of 1939, the Phantom Corsair had priced at $ 12,500 (a fortune for the time, or the current equivalent of 300,000 euros). Today, due to the exclusivity, some experts felt that she easily cross the bar of $ 10 million if it was put up for sale at auction.


2 Camaro ZL1 (1969)

Among the range of muscle cars proposed by the brand American, the 1969 ZL1 is without a doubt one of the rarest and one of the most desirable with only 69 copies produced, this little gem of power occupies 2 places on the podium in Camaros the dearest never sold with respectively 720,000 euros and 610.000 euros.


3 Ferrari P4/P5 by Pininfarina (2006)

With its unique copy and its purchase price of EUR 3.2 million, this supercar of exception is built based on a Ferrari Enzo. Its owner, James Glikenhaus, an American film director, wanted her to have the same power also, or 660 HP. Just like that.


4 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster (1937)

On the 25 copies of this sublime roadster manufactured by the famous German brand, only a few were fitted with a space in the rear deck to put a spare wheel. This Spezial Roadster was sold for $ 9.68 million in 2011. Who says better?


5 Ferrari 250 GTO (1962-1964)

Motor Trend Classic magazine, it’s the best Ferrari of all time. The Ferrari 250 GTO is the reference of the 1960s car that perfectly symbolizes the alliance of elegance and motor performance. Produced in only 36 copies, the 250 GTO is the most expensive car in the world. Last June, a record sale off auction stood at EUR 70 million.

6 BMW 507 (1956-1959)

When we talk about good taste, the BMW 507 is the icing on the cake. Produced in small series (257 copies), the Bavarian is a perfect cocktail of looking for all collectors of vintage cars. In March 2014, a factory model sold for 1.7 million euros at auction.

7 Aston Martin DB4 GT (1959-1963)

Sports development of the mythical DB4, the GT is his first appearance in 1959 where she won his 1st race at theInternational Trophy. Produced only 75 copies, the DB4 GT develops 302 HP thanks to its engine 6 cylinders in line.


8 Bugatti Royale Type 41 (1926-1931)

If you had to choose just an old car, it is likely that your choice will be on the Bugatti Royale Type 41. This car is one of the most exceptional and luxurious ever conceived by man. Be it from the point of view history, rarity or value, the Type 41 Royale is an ideal of an automobile. There are 7 copies worldwide + 2 exact replicas. In 1987, the fifth Bugatti Type 41 was sold to 9 800 000 dollars at Christie’s car auction. As say you that its price would now defy all competition, must still happy owners want to be separated.


9 Mercedes-Benz SSK (1929-1932)

Produced in only 36 copies, the SSK (for Super Sport Kurz) is one of the most expensive cars in the world. “Kurz” meaning “short” in German, refers to the small size of chassis which is that of a Mercedes S, however, shortened to 480 mm to make the car lighter and more agile for the competition.

10 Jaguar XJ13

Produced in a single copy and having never participated in any competition, the XJ13 serves as a legend in the middle of the collectors. In 1996, a purchase of some EUR 8 million offer was refused by the owners. Today, this price could soar if one day she was put up for sale.

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