Friday, July 12, 2024

As if the BMW M5 with the 378 kW / 507 bhp engine wasn’t enough, G-Power decided to tune it up. This is the second time for them to do the tunning on a M5, but what you’re about to read will make you drool if you’re a bimmer fan, because the 340 km/h top speed they attained last time was topped with 20 km/h more making the BMW M5 Hurrican “fly” with 360 km/h at the Papenburg high speed track.It uses the G-Power Evo II supercharging system to produce a staggering 537kW / 730 bhp. We don’t know yet what fuel it used or what tyres but this baby is very fast, just like a hurricane.  What do you guys think, because if I could afford one, I would definitely buy it to impress some chicks.

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