Saturday, July 13, 2024

According to Mercedes-Benz, the German auto manufacturer has recently announced the closure of Maybach.

Daimler’s upmarket division that was resurrected in 2002 to compete against BMW’s Rolls-Royce and VW’s Bentley subsidiaries, failed to meet sales expectations with its 57 and 62 core models. The decision was also facilitated by the breaking down of the deal with Aston Martin to aid in the development in future Maybachs. The Maybach brand never took off in the way Mercedes hoped and sales never rose anywhere near four figures.

Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche made the announcement on Saturday during an interview with a German newspaper in which he said that he had lost patience with Maybach and with no more models being developed, stocks are expected to deplete by late 2012.

Merc is expected to develop a new range of top-end next generation S-Class models including a new, range-topping S600 that brings back the Pullman moniker.