Thursday, June 20, 2024
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It’s not a surprise anymore that the world economy is facing recession, and the market evolutions all over the world are not favorable to those that buy. That’s the same idea with oil. For the last 8 to 12 months oil managed to reach up to $145 (and more) which brought higher prices for the fuel we put in our cars.

Therefore, car manufacturers are trying to keep up with the trend and come up with modern hybrid technologies that will increase the mpg, or with electric vehicles that became fashionable lately. Knowing that Audi already tried the market with their A2 (back in the days), that makes me thing they will probably be into this electric vehicle thing with a strong position.

Our friends at WCF managed to come up with a rendered design of what it may look like. With an elevated floor, some chrome and lacquer finishes, LEDs and fiber optics in the lights and some fancy wheels, the new to come Audi EV could be a real success.

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