Sunday, May 19, 2024
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BMW will officially unveil their final production version of the all electric i3 at the end of the month.

The i3 is the first car from the German manufacturer’s all electric range. The next car in BMW’s electric i-range, will be the i8 supercar, which will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

BMW’s space-like i3 will make it’s debut on July 29th. Ironically enough, this is two years to the day since the i3 Concept was unveiled. 

The i3 will be offered with a 168hp, all electric powertrain, as well as plug-in range-extender which is called the REx.

In anticipation of the unveiling of the ‘greener’  electric BMW, the company has launched a teaser video as part of it’s marketing campaign and, of course, to get people talking about the car.

The video features people posing for pictures and jumping up and down – then it asks the viewer to learn a new German word: “Vorfreude” which means ‘anticipation’.

The teaser seems a bit strange, with no mention or image of the car until the end of the video, when we see a simple silhouette of the i3. It ends with the tag line “Born Electric” – which is cute. And appropriate.

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From the silhouette, we can imagine that the production ready version of the i3 will probably be identical to it’s concept.

Although the teaser video is odd and the car looks a little like a Martian’s car, people are still excited about BMW’s latest creation. And if it helps to protect the planet, who are we to complain?

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