Sunday, May 19, 2024
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You’re driving along in your superfast Z06 – a vehicle that is capable of incredible feats of accelaration.  As you approach the rail crossing you see there is a train fast approaching. The adrenalin starts to pump as you realise that because you’re driving you Z06 – a vehicle capable of incredible feats of acceleration – you should be able to make it across before the train crosses the road.  You mash the gearlever into 3rd and stomp the accelerator hard. The force with which the car lunges toward the track is brutal.

No way is the train going to beat you. 400meters away and you’re winning, easily. 4th gear. 300m, 250m – why is that train suddenly moving so quickly. 200m. The gap feels like it’s shrinking quicker than you’r approaching. 150m. You’re not going to make it. 100m – With all the power in your right leg muscles you stomp down on the middle pedal. The intense accelerative powers suddenly changes into the exact opposite force as the huge tyres on your ‘vette squeals under the pressure of shedding the speed in time.

50m – It’s not going to happen and your eyes search to the side of the road to find something to throw the car into – anything but the train that’s now looming ominously ahead of you like a moving wall of crunching metal. But there is nowhere to go except straight.

20m – You brace for impact. The car still moving toward the train at too great a speed. All that is left is for you to close your eyes and hope for the best. Terror grips you as you realise this is it. Your heart beating fiercely as it tries to get out of your chest, away from the speeding train. Impact, then darkness.

This is a completely made-up recollection of what might have happened with this poor Z06. Terrible end for a great car. What more than likely happened is someone ran out of gas on the train tracks and got his ass handed to him by a freight train.

Glad this didn’t happen to me.

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