Friday, July 12, 2024

So, we all know that wake boarding is pretty fun (considering you don’t have a fear of water) on it’s own. We also know that driving in a Ferrari – make that a Ferrari F50 – is fun, too (considering you don’t have a fear of speed). So then why not combine these two fun activities into one?!

Well, mostly because it sounds dangerous and would require that you have all the participating equipment – namely a wakeboard and a Ferrari F50, which is obviously much harder to come by than a wakeboard.

Nevertheless, fear and equipment aside, a couple of guys actually managed to pull of a stunt that involves a wakeboard and a Ferrari F50.

The stunt was done by the guys over at Tax the Rich, a YouTube channel that portrays various stunts involving super expensive super cars – much like this one.

The stunt itself is really, really awesome, albeit dangerous. A professional wakeboarder (emphasis on professional) is dragged, not by a boat as in the traditional sense of wake boarding, but by a Ferrari F50 at a reasonable (read: fast) speed.

Ferrari F50 Wakeboard

The result is a stunt that many of us would kill to perform or at least witness in real life.

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