Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Just months before the 2012 Olympic Games kicks off in London, BMW has unveiled its new pavilion that will be constructed in the host city.

The winning design came from the British architectural firm Serie after bids from six different companies. As the sole automotive sponsor of the international event, BMW has been given permission to build its pavilion at the Olympic Park where it will remain for the duration of the Paralympic Games as well. It is expected to attract about 8000 visitors per day.

Built for the purposes of entertaining VIPs, the pavilion is also available for anyone who enters into the Olympic Park. The top floor of the double-story constructions will showcase the latest models and the lower floor will have future mobility exhibitions and events with BMW-sponsored athletes.

The 800sq m site of the pavilion will be situated above the Waterworks River, between the Olympic stadium and Aquatics Centre. As seen in the image above, river water will be used to cool the building before cascading down in a ‘water curtain’ back into the river. Unsurprisingly for a brand like BMW, sustainability is at the heart of this project.

BMW is providing 4000 vehicles throughout the event to transport athletes and Olympic officials to and from various locations. Although the exact makeup of the fleet, that includes Minis, BMWs and Rolls Royces, has not been officially announced, the use of electric, hybrid and clean diesel technology will ensure that it produces an average of less than 120g/km of CO2.

The image below shows the pavilion by night.

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