Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Here is the latest evidence that proves that the guys from studio “Vilner” are able to transform everything wheeled into something luxurious and even the ruggedLand Rover Defender is no exception with its new facelift. The specialised Bulgarian tuning company has transformed this Land Rover into something special.

The interior of the vehicle has been covered in dark brown and black Nappa and Alcantara leather. The leather features on the doors, the dashboard, the new sport seats, the grips on the headliner and the sun visor. Alacantra even appears on the exterior covering the rear view mirror and the third brake light.

According to Vilner, the direction in which to take the floor, “was an eccentric decision” with wooden floor panels fitted to create a unique feature.


The Vilner Sound System ensures it entertains passengers –  a multimedia system with the power of 600w and the installation of 15-inch LCD screens connected to the DVD-player. In order to ensure maximum sound without disturbing other drivers on the road,  the car’s cab has been fully soundproofed.

View the gallery of the Land Rover Defender below:

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