Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Did you know the Audi A2 is on a comeback? The reborn A2 will see the light of the day at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. In fact, from what we get to hear, a production model of the A2 is gearing up for Frankfurt.

Designed to rival the 2013 BMW i3, the A2 has been built as a fully electric vehicle that will sail on a lightweight aluminum chassis. In case you have forgotten, the original A2 was dumped way back in 2005, citing high cost of its aluminium spaceframe chassis. However, the reborn model is most likely to retain the aluminium frame. Now that also means that the Audi A2 will come for a higher price.

Complete with an MPV style exterior, the car appears to be extremely flexible and might launch as early as 2015. Look forward to this one mean machine from the Audi stables.

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