Friday, July 12, 2024

In addition to improving safety, Mercedes Benz‘s new active seatbelt buckle also eliminates the annoying practice of trying to buckle up when the connecting clips have fallen between or been pushed down the cars seats.

The seat belt buckle doesn’t only come with bright glowing LEDs to easily secure yourself, particularly in the dark, but also comes equipped with a motorized system that extends the buckles upwards as much as 2.8-inches, so they’re hard to miss and easier to use. For enhanced safety in the event of a crash, the active seat belt buckle also works in reverse, slightly retracting after impact so it holds the passenger more securely.

The new system will be implemented in Mercedes Benz’s more luxury models in the near future but will hopefully be available for Daimler’s more affordable models so the general public can also benefit from this great innovation.