Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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If you were hoping of owning a Ferrari F1 car and the FXX pedal car just wasn’t enough for you here is another idea. A chocolate Ferarri F1. Believe it or not this real-sized F1 car, despite the fact that it doesn’t have an engine, has 2,000 kg of chocolate to keep you busy.

“The project started one year ago, just for fun, but then the Club Pasticceri Italiani started to get really enthusiastic and eventually it became a life-sized model. They started melting the chocolate in 2007, at first copying a small-scale model of the Ferrari F2008, then getting the full scale model done using chocolate imported especially from Belgium.” said Luigi Liberti, president of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Napoli.

The chocolate car was used as a display piece at a Ferrari party and now they are eating it. If you want one and you can wait 1 year you will be able to buy one for about $24,000.

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