Friday, July 12, 2024

Mitsubishi has made a timely announcement regarding the Euro-spec i-MiEV. The information comes just a few weeks before the Paris Motor Show.

The Euro version is almost identical to the Japanese i-MiEV –  and features revised bumpers, a modified center stack, and better interior comfort, says the company.  Mitsubishi has added Active Stability Control (ASC) and side / curtain airbags to improve occupant safety.
The EV has a lithium-ion battery powering a small electric motor with 47 kW (63 hp / 64 PS) and 180 Nm (133 lb-ft) of torque. This enables the car to have a range of 160 km (100 miles).Mitsubishi says the i-MiEV will be on sale in December and will be launched in 14 countries including France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Prices will range from €33,000 – €35,000 (or equivalent), but government incentives will lower it to €30,000 in most countries.