Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Having previously been scooped, here are a few more details about the 2014 Audi TT that reveal a car that is even more dynamic and powerful that the car it is replacing.

Although this Audi TT Mk3 version will not be encroaching on the R8, it does move further upmarket and reduces the terrain for the proposed mid-engined R5 developed by Porsche. Porsche, which could become part of VW before the end of the year has always kept a close eye on on the iconic TT which rivals that of the Boxster and Cayman models.

The new TT is based on the 20% more cost- and space-efficient MQB components set pioneered by the new A3 and VW Golf. Although Audi has in the past toyed with additional TT bodystyles like a shooting brake (Tokyo 2005) and a spyder (Wörthersee 2007), projected sales volumes don´t seem to justify anything but a status quo mix of hard and soft top and so the TT retains the character and the unmistakable proportions of the current vintage.


As for the design, the front end features yet another variation of the trademark singleframe grille, this time boasting a set back main air intake, even more elaborate LED headlights, foglamps, cornering lights, DRLs and indicators, some contrasting brightwork and a pair of fake lower black vents.

The interior sports the next evolution of Audi’s famed MMI ergonomics. Abandoning the familiar in-dash monitor, it incorporates a large display in the driver’s primary field of vision.

Thanks to the less complex MQB architecture and a higher percentage of lightweight materials, the next TT will shed about 60 kilos. Other efficiency-enhancing measures include a low-friction quattro drivetrain, improved aerodynamics and a set of more economical engines.

Audi’s engineering chief Michael Dick has confirmed that the next TT RS will be positioned above the current model, so it seems safe to expect a beefed-up 2.5-litre turbo motor good for 380bhp.

Both the coupe (June 2014) and the roadster (November 2014) can initially rely on six forward ratios, but there is a seven-speed S-tronic in the works for calendar year 2015.

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