Saturday, July 13, 2024

This might make your Friday even better; One of the Europe’s leading performance tyre brands, Vredestein, is now available in South Africa.

The Dutch-engineered elite tyres are manufactured in Enschede in The Netherlands by Apollo Vredestein.

The company not only manufactures normal, passenger tyres, but have have an exceptionally wide selection including light truck, SUV, industrial and even agricultural tyres. So, really – which ever situation you’re in, you’ll find the right fit!

Vredestein, which was officially founded more than 100 years ago in 1909, prodes themselves on designing and manufacturing superior quality, and above all, safe tyres.

Their slogan reads: ‘Designed to protect you’ and well – that’s exactly what they do. Their products are specifically engineered to meet and even surpass even the most stringent European safety standards.

Vredestein is also no stranger to awards, and, when they win, they win big. The company has achieved top marks at various international tyre tests. Also, the UK based Auto Express magazine, named the Vredestein Sportrac 5 ‘The Recommended Tyre of The Year’ in 2012.

Vredenstein tyres are premium styled tyres. Which, in simple terms, mean that they are specifically created to guarantee superior performance and handling – and they look pretty sexy too!

Their sensual look is thanks to world renowned Italian design consultancy, Giugiaro Design. Vredenstein has been collaborating with this design house since 1997.

The Italian design group has many, rather famous, design achievements on their ever growing list. These include the very first Volkswagen Golf and the BMW 1 as well as famous cars for supercar manufacturers Ferarri, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Giugiaro was also named “Designer of the Century” in 1999, by global automotive media.

So, you could say that Vredestein use the Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana of tyre designers to design their tyres.

Vredestein tyres are now (finally) available in South Africa exclusively through Dunlop Zones, and they have brought along these flagship products that you can get on home soil: the Ultrac Vorti, Ultrac Sessanta, Ultrac Sessanta SUV, Ultrac Centro, Sportrac 3, Quatrac 3, Quatrac 3 SUV, Sportrac 5, Sprint Classic, Hi Trac 2 and Comtrac.

I’d like to think of Vredestein tyres as somewhat of the perfect man: strong, durable, protective and sexy – what more would you want?

We’re very excited that Vredestein has decided to give us Saffa’s some quality tyres to take on our African roads with, and look good while doing it!

So go on, rush over to Dunlop to get your set! Happy driving.

And just for some extra enjoyment, check out Vredestein’s sexy Italian commercial below (this one is for the boys!):