Saturday, May 18, 2024
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We are sure this is something that will excite you. We hear Daimler has begun parleys with Aston Martin to outsource the production of Maybach. The two auto giants are said to be holding talks as to reach a deal with regard to a situation where Aston Martin would get engine technology in exchange for building the next-generation Maybach.

A possible agreement to that effect could help Maybach wriggle out of S-Class platforms. If the deal comes about, Aston Martin will be able to get hands-on to the Mercedes engines range.

The deal could also mean that Maybach will get a much spruced up with Aston Martin throwing in some amount of sex appeal into the luxury car.

Aston Martin’s truck with Daimler need not be considered as a first, though. Earlier on the two car makers had joined hands to build the Lagonda concept, based on the Mercedes GL. The concept, if you would remember, was lambasted when it was revealed.

With the two companies now coming together again for the Maybach, we hope things would be done on a better level.

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