Sunday, May 19, 2024
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These shots reveal Land Rover testing their new Range Rover 2012, in full camouflage, in the deserts of Dubai that is being developed at Land Rover’s global headquarters in Warwickshire, UK. These photos will put any enthusiasts at ease who may be concerned that Land Rover could be loosing their off-road focus because if there is any place that tests the toughness and resilience of an out-door vehicle its the desert.

The new Range Rover is likely to showcase all the latest in engineering from the Tata owned 4X4 specialist. The new architecture will be aluminium intensive, increased interior space, a focus on upmarket cabin appointments and a suite of upgraded V6 and V8 engines that will provide the power, with a hybrid electrified powertrain to follow.

This new Range Rover is expected to be revealed in about six months time for the UK summer of 2012.

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