Friday, July 12, 2024

A rare Aston Martin has recently sold on auction for £1.2 million at a Bonhams Auction in the UK. In comparison to recent auction history, it’s not considered an astronomical amount but it is an interesting purchase. While the vehicle may be rare, it is a factory approved replica.

This Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato was the first collaboration between Zagato and AM in the 1960s which saw the production of just 19 models. Almost 30 years later, Aston Martin decided to re-unite with Zagato and relaunch the model in 1987, by upgrading four existing DB4 rolling chassis to GT spec with AM specialist Richard Williams.

Williams upgraded each car with an uprated 4.2-litre engine, producing 352bhp, independent front suspension a limited slip diff and a live-rear axle.


The four refurbished cars were then shipped off to Zagato’s facilities in Italy who then built the bodies to have the same specs as the original 19. These new cars were then given the name “The Sanction II” cars.

The car that was sold on auction, was among these four refurbished cars with the chassis number DB4GT/0198.