Friday, July 12, 2024

The brand new Land Rover DC100 Sport was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. The DC100 Sport was a surprise reveal alongside the much anticipated DC100 and is one of two concepts that the Land Rover team have confirmed will be put into production for 2015.  Both were revealed to gauge public interest and gather feedback to give Land Rover an idea of which direction to go in for 2015 to avoid rushing into a replacement.

In comparison to the silver three door 4X4 DC100 demonstrating ‘capability and versatility’, the DC100 Sport is an open-air pick-up version in bright yellow-orange and is described as ‘an active expression of freedom and leisure’.

Under the hood, both concepts use 2.0-litre four-cylinder engines driving all four wheels through a stop/start-equipped eight-speed automatic. However, while the DC100 has a diesel engine, the DC100 Sport has a petrol engine.

Both concepts have a new automatic terrain response system that automatically sets all the driver assist systems sensing the wheel travel, wheelslip, the texture of the ground and a sonar depth-sounder for driving through rivers.