Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The latest Batman movie is set to start shooting soon, and will also feature another famed hero – Superman. While Superman doesn’t need a car to get around (he flies, remember) Ol’ Bruce Wayne sure does. And his car, the Batmobile, is one of the most famous fictional cars ever.

Thus, it came as no surprise that Batman and automobile fans alike were more excited about the Batmobile in the new movie than the man himself. And luckily for said fans, director Zack Snyder gave them exactly what they wanted.

Snyder recently posted a mystical picture to his Twitter account – which is very obviously the backside of the (new) Batmobile. 

While Batman fans and petrol heads were all very impressed with the Batmobile in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – named the Tumbler – it seems as though this new Batmobile pays homage to the iconic Tumbler.

Although the picture is only of the rear of the car, we can see a similar design aesthetic to that of the Tumbler. Big rear wheels grab your attention first, while an crescent-shaped opening at the back is also visible – quite possibly where flames will be spitting out from.

We can also see hydraulic cylinders, which some say might indicate towards the use of a wing. Impressive.

Either way, the Batmobile is as important to the story as Batman himself. It has become a pop culture icon, and, considering the string of Batmobile predecessors, this latest one will have to kick it up a gear. Batman fans will definitely be keeping a close eye on what’s to come with their favorite fantasy ride.

Check out the pick Snyders tweeted below. He also tweeted a picture of Ben Affleck as Batman in his (incredibly tight0 Batsuit (above):

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