Monday, April 22, 2024
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A. Kahn Design, a British based customization shop, is preparing a brand new tuning kit for the Land Rover Defender. The vehicle, that will be equipped ready for the battle field, is known as the 2012 Concept 17 Defender.

The customisation sees the Defender bestowed with mud flaps, a spare wheel cover, a bespoke paint job, custom exhaust system and a four piece arch kit. For the dangerous territory of a war zone, A.Kahn will make the off-road vehicle bullet-proof.

According to the company, the new tuning kit ”will ensure the vehicle remains more agile in the war zone, enhancing the chances of survival.”


The vehicle can be customised to meet a customer’s every and any desire, with endless options for the interior.

The customisation is yet another accomplished by A. Kahn designs who recently prepared a a styling kit for the Range Rover Evoque.

Back in April, Vilner Studios also modified a Land Rover Defender, transforming its interior and multi-media system.

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