Monday, April 22, 2024
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Lamborghini has released their ‘Manifesto for future Supersportscars’ along with a new teaser photo of their new vehicle, which still remains shrouded in mystery.

What has been revealed  may be totally unacceptable to supercar buffs,  that power output will not be increased and top speed is no longer a priority. From a practical viewpoint, there’s no doubt that this is a good decision –   exceeding 300 km/h (186 mph), even at a racetrack is not really done. Also, with the CO2 emission regulations that are now in place, tremendous horsepower and top speeds are no longer encouraged.

Naturally, Lamborghini would have turned to making the experience of driving the vehicle a superior one through better handling, acceleration, and effective power to weight ratio. And although this approach is not new in the industry, it a radical shift for Lamborghini, whose manifesto says that the magic word is ‘Carbon fiber.’

Sources at the company say that they are incorporating several technologies which will set them in the top spot as far as low-volume production is concerned. The teaser photo shows a carbon fiber cover or panel on what seems like a V10 engine. For more concrete information, everyone waits impatiently for the next teaser photo.

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