Friday, July 12, 2024

You need to be an extreme racing enthusiast to park one of these into your garage. Tym Switzer’s 800hp Nissan P 800 GTR is one such variant that thrives on race-gas to clock those magical timings but you need to be prepared to strain the driveline a bit for such is the impact of the gas that powers the car.

The P in the name actually symbolizes the package as a daily use one meaning that it is an 800hp car that can be driven daily but then nothing can be done about people who prefer no limits. For that kind of a lot the R package has been used and this R refers to the race fuel. With this gas in the tank the numbers obviously sore to 850 hp and 820 lb-ft torque but the driveline loss is about 15%.

This latest R package will be priced at $20,990, and it includes pump gas and race fuel tunes, as well as Switzer’s updated cooling package that features a dual-core radiator, thermostat and revised Switzer MONSTER intercoolers.

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