Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Rolls Royce has launched a brand new app that lets enthusiasts and prospective buyers find their ideal used Rolls Royce as well as make direct car-by-car comparisons.

The new app is called the Provenance Pre-owned Stock Locator and is available for the iPad, most smartphones and PCs and Macs. Other features of the app include easy to navigate search filters and email and SMS alerts so a user is notified when the search criteria they have specified have been met. These specifications could include age, mileage, colour or model. Users can also search for a car by country.


Only those Rolls Royce models that have been tested by its team of technicians and met a precise set of criteria, make it to the list. Cars must also have been maintained in strict adherence to Rolls Royce servicing requirements and are then sold only through certain authorized dealerships.

Provenance cars include two years’ warranty and two years’ complimentary servicing.

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