Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Ahead of its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has unveiled its new Fun-Vii concept car. The skin of the bullet shaped car for the “not too distant future” serves as a massive display that can change its colour and display graphics, images, and custom messages for other drivers and bystanders. The skin can be changed using a specialised app and have its interior adjusted as well – the three-seat cabin has a continuous display which spans from the dashboard to the floor. Overall the vehicle measures 4,020mm long, 1,745mm wide and 1,415mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,750mm.

Intervehicle connectivity can detect potentially hazardous situations like making the driver aware of a car in its blind spot or one that is about to break suddenly. The system can also link with surrounding vehicles to locate friends.

As if this isn’t enough, Toyota also envisions that the car will be connected to the internet which has the advantage of bringing information to the driver and providing entertainment content to the driver and the passengers on board.

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