Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Automobile enthusiasts out there must already be aware that the redesigned Mercedes S-Class will be a plug-in hybrid. Now, there is some exciting news about a pure electric variant of the model.

It has been indicated by sources that the company is looking at customer demand for Mercedes S-Class EV. The S-class model would become one of the first EVs in its segment, if approved.

The 2013 S-Class comes up with a head-up display and an interior design, which seems to be inspired from F800 Style concept revealed at the Geneva motor show in March. That could mean that can we expect lightweight seats (made of magnesium and carbon fiber), luxurious wood veneers, and a flowing center console?

The 201bhp, 369lb ft 2.2-litre, four-cylinder motor will be the smallest engine to ever be offered in the S-class. As you know, currently the S-Class model uses S250 CDI. Will Audi respond with an A8 e-tron? Stay tuned.

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