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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to build your very own dream car? Of course, you wouldn’t have to pay and exorbitant price and you have complete creative control of the design of your baby. However, it does sound difficult and where would you even start?!

Well, one Lithuanian man didn’t let these reservations stand in his way. He simply had a vision of his dream car and decided to build it himself – and in what a clever way he did!

To start with, the man simply had the battered and bruised shell of a Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class. Note, it is only the shell. There was absolutely nothing in the inside of the piece of metal.

He then decided to use the shell of the Mercedes as a platform to build his very own, unique, dream car. He had a design in mind and simply went for it…

He started out by covering the entire shell of the once Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class with a form of putty – or rather expanding foam. This is the same substance they use in the construction industry to fill cavities in walls.

Once the foam has set, he started carving into the foam – cutting and shaping the car exactly the way he wanted to.

However, he didn’t merely stop at the exterior. Oh no. He also covered the interior with the foam and did the same on the inside, shaping and carving things so that it is exactly to his liking.

Once the shape on both the inside and outside was done, he painted the car bright red and added some finishing touches. Finally, his custom car was ready to be unveiled.


The end result will blow your mind – check it out:

Not much is known of the man or exactly what substance he used to make the car and some of the more intricate details involved. One thing we do know, however, is that is one fancy looking car – and unique in the true sense of the word.

You can also check out the video below for more photos:

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