Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar, spokesperson for the Johannesburg metro police department, said motorists forking out large sums of money on laser- and radar-jamming equipment could end up facing harsher consequences than a speeding fine.

Car navigation systems that detect speed traps, jammers that scramble speed-reading equipment and sprays that make number plates invisible to cameras are among the devices available to help motorists to avoid fines.

“When the instrument used by a motorist has the capability of jamming police equipment, the person using it is at risk of being charged with defeating the ends of justice, which carries a jail term,” Minnaar said, adding that several motorists had been arrested, charged and heavily fined after being caught with jammers.

He said GPS systems that warned of known trapping spots or popular sites for mobile speed traps were both legal and welcomed by the JMPD. [TomTom refers to such info on the GPS as an extensive safety camera database]

“Anything that causes a motorist to slow down and obey the law is good.”

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