Sunday, May 19, 2024
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So, what would you do if you are the happy, proud and no doubt protective owner of an all new McLaren P1? You would want to protect it so it stays in its prestine condition for the rest of eternity, am I right?

Of course.

Well, that is what Jay Leno – former talk show host and swoon worthy car collector – did immediately when he got his McLaren P1 (because obviously Jay Leno owns a brand new McLaren P1…)

Jealousy aside, Jay invite chis viewers of his popular YouTube channel, Jay Leno’s Garage, to come with and witness as his latest addition to his ever growing car collection gets wrapped in a protective coating that will keep it looking spiff and spam for years to come – perhaps not for the rest of eternity, but, close enough.

Protective Film Solutions are the guys behind the clever coating and, in the video, explains to Jay and the viewers how the coating works and what it will protect it fro,. Then, the continue to cover his P1 in said coating right before our eyes.

The protective film goes all over the car with a special coating on the windshield that (should) protect it from cracking.

It might nit be the most exciting video we’ve ever seen come out of Jay’s garage, but it sure is interesting. Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt that it gives us an up close and personal view of the new McLaren P1.


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