Monday, April 22, 2024
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Take one pretty hot standard Subaru, add some spices in the form of a widebody kit, an engine tune up as well as an abundance of audio/visual products and the result is a mind blowing Japanese sports sedan..

The project was started a while back with the aim of creating a-one-of-a-kind vehicle for the Castrol Extreme Auto Show. Some of you will remember that gorgeous Nissan 350Z that was built and the Subaru is going to go the same route. The idea was to go all out and convert the car into something that wouldn’t just turn heads. It would snap necks and blow eardrums instead.

The car underwent many many changes and no part of it was left untouched. Firstly the engine was taken to NXGen in Randburg for some work. The standard engine with around 200Kw is definitely not to be sneezed at and only a minor conversion was needed. On went a Bosal performance exhaust, larger diameter exhaust system and most importantly an ECUTEK engine management upgrade. The result is a bit more power, more torque and sharper engine responses. Now with the extra speed, the car needed some extra stopping power. Ferodo provided brake disks and performance pads and the original Brembo callipers were kept. Some top of the range suspension upgrades from Eibach were thrown in.

The interior of the car is nothing short of amazing. There are Rockford Fosgate logos everywhere, soft alcantara and nappa leather on the doors. The main attraction will be the massive Panasonic touch screen head unit which will provide audio and visual control. To make matters more amazing, a Microsoft Xbox was fitted inside! In the boot lies what appears to be a mini branch of Hi Fi Corp. Subwoofers, capacitors and neon are all nicely arranged and balanced. Interestingly enough, the audio layout is set out so the spare tyre can be readily accessed in the event of a puncture. With all the extra drain on the battery from the electronics, a more powerful battery was installed.

On the outside the Subaru is visually an odd car. You either love or hate it and as for those gold wheels and that spoiler… Now imagine something like a fully imported Japanese-Spec widebody kit on this car. Chargespeed sponsored this awesome looking fibreglass and carbon fibre kit. It consists of 25 parts and includes new bumpers skirts and a spoiler. The kit was fitted by Sportech in Modderfontein. To end of a great package some new rims were sought. For a car like this, only the best wheels were sought. A nice set of Antera rims were custom designed and built exclusively for the Castrol Extreme Auto Makeover and are wrapped in low profile Bridgestone rubber.

The car looks really wicked and there are so many mods that it’s impossible to mention them all. If you want to see the car, best you get down to the Dome at Northgate for the Extreme Auto Show!

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