Friday, June 5, 2020
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Would you like to be more acquainted with your off-road vehicle? Looking for some off-road adventure? Keen on some entertaining and educating 4×4 assistance on all terrains? Land Rover Experience Western Province have recently launched their web site and they offer fantastic courses for all 4×4 enthusiasts, be it Land Rover or any other off-road vehicles.

Clients who own a valid South African code 08 driver’s license (or the equivalent International driver’s license) can build their skills and confidence so that they may use their vehicles safely and over a variety of off-road terrains.

Courses available are: Level 1, Level 2, Sand and sand recovery, Recovery course, Trailer handling and Advance driving. We aim at creating harmony between the capabilities of man and machine, each able to respond to the needs of the other to produce the desired result.

Corporate events and team building can easily be arranged for top clients and / or employees, with Team Discovery offering an effective process to inspire and encourage individuals and teams to achieve ongoing success. Designed to meet your special needs, whether driving or team building.

Land Rover Experience WP also supports the ‘Fragile Earth‘ -initiative in conjunction with numerous Global Environmental Sponsorship Partners, like the ‘Born Free Foundation’, the ‘Bioshpere Expeditions’, ‘Earthwatch’ and the ‘Royal Geographical Society’.

The Land Rover Experience is known for the grueling G4 Challenge and the Land Rover Global Challenge