Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Bugatti could have chosen no better place than the Dubai Motor Show to celebrate its 100 years of existence, and as a favor to hosting the event, the Middle East natives got lucky with three specific models not to be sold elsewhere. While a couple of products will be one-off models, the Bugatti Nocturne model will have five siblings. The other two models will be the Sang d’Argent and the Grand Sport Soleil de Nuit.

With deliveries beginning in the first quarter of 2010, Nocturne will be the highest priced model at $1.65 million followed by the Soleil de Nuit at $1.55 million and the Sang d’Argent at $1.45 million. Nocturne, the highest priced variant will feature a polished aluminum bonnet well complimented by galvanized side windows and special polished custom rims and aluminum upper body parts at the rear. Magnesium and Platinum dominate the interior of the car. The Sang d’Argent will feature silver metallic paintjob on the outside while the Havana interior will glorify the car on the inside. Last but not least, the Soleil de Nuit is finished in a polished aluminium and Black Blue metallic surface while the bold burnt orange color scheme dominates the interior.

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