Saturday, December 2, 2023
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The New Audi A6 is turning out to a quite an elusive animal. Normally when a car gets close to the final production version there are countless pictures of ugly, patched up and camouflaged test mules designed to give the pre production versions a run in the real world.

With the next Audi A6 it’s and entirely different story. While trawling the web for news about the next A6 all you’ll find is 3 pictures of an old A6 with flared wheelarches claimed to be a drive train mule, but that unfortunately is it.

So far no further pictures have been spotted of the car in any way shape or form which begs the questions: What are they hiding and what the hell does it look like?!

What I’ve found in search of the answers are a whole lot of photo shopped pictures of the new A6 which doesn’t look too bad. You’ll also find some photos of the alleged drive train mule.  Enjoy.

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