Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The sporty five door Volvo V60 is here. The advent of the new model from Volvo is seen as an attempt to enhance sales in the European wagon category. The new Volvo V60 is a smart take off from the S60, with the visible addition being the five-door feature. The Volvo V60 comes with eight different engines, and it is seen by the industry as an attempt by the company attract at least around 50,000 new customers every year.

Four inline-four petrol engines, including two 1.6-liter units that produce up to 240 Nm of torque and either 150 or 180 horsepower (112 or 134 kW), and two 2.0-liter models that produce either 203 hp (151 kW) and 300 Nm or 240 hp (179 kW) and 320 Nm would be part of the pack. Further, the inline-six would have a 3.0-liter unit that returns 304 hp (227 kW) and up to 440 Nm. The Volvo V60 is capable of racing from 0 to 100km /h in 6.6 seconds, while the electronically-limited top speed is 250 km/h.

The Volvo V60 also comes in a diesel variant that boast of 115-hp (86 kW), 270-Nm 1.6-liter inline-four, and two inline-five engines. The first, a 2.0-liter model, is capable of 163 hp (122 kW) and up to 400 Nm, while the top diesel model burns 205 horsepower (153 kW) and up to 420 Nm.

The coupe styled roof-sporting car has been built on a new dynamic chassis for the European market. Features include collision blocking aspects, pedestrian detection, all-wheel drive, tight steering, stability control and an advanced brake system. The car also holds space for 430 liters of load. We are now waiting for Volvo to give us the pricing details.

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