Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Car lovers will soon get to see the famous 1967 Porsche 911 Targa in modern clothing. RUF has announced that it will be working on a version of the car, the Roadster. The information released so far proves that the retro feel of the vehicle will be encouraged.

It will have a retro ball bar, carbon fibered two-piece roof, a rear section of canvas that surrounds a triple layer polyglass window.

RUF says the engine will be a six-cylinder boxer engine producing 294 kW (400 PS /394 hp) or 412 kW (560 PS / 553 hp).

The car will have as a standard a six-speed manual transmission, with an option of a double-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive also available. Called the RUF Roadster, prices for the vehicle will start at €195,000 ($274,705 USD / £171,210).

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