Saturday, July 13, 2024

Maserati has unveiled the Quattroporte MC Sport in Sydney at the Australian International Auto Show. The MC initials have long been familiar to racing fans all over the world, making an appearance on the MC12 – which is still making its mark in the FIA GTI series. Standing for Maserati Corse, the letters are a symbol of the prowess that Maserati possesses.

Other Maserati vehicles that proudly bear the initials are the racing version the company’s GranTurismo coupe, and also a road worthy option of the racer called the MC Stradale. Now, the Quattraporte gets to join the gang.

The new offering is a four-door, and it is definitely not another road version of the car that is racing in the circuits.

The Quattraporte MC Sport is the Quattroporte Sport GT-S, which has received more trim, aluminum pedals and carbon fiber interior accents. Although not much else has been changed, this could be the first step in many that Maserati might be taking.