Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Chevrolet fans will be pleased to hear that the company is developing a new crossover that is reportedly based on the new redesigned Aveo. What’s more, they may not have to wait too long, since the vehicle might come out as early as 2012.

The new crossover will be placed on an elongated Aveo platform, and will have as standard the front wheel drive, and an optional all-wheel drive. Although the style of the vehicle will be similar to the Chevrolet vehicles that have come out lately, there will be more attention paid to the interiors.

The dual cockpit design is likely to be in place, and Opel’s switchgear will be incorporated as will a new high tech digital display.

An Opel variant will be on offer, but company sources have confirmed that there will not be any badges on any of these.

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