Saturday, December 2, 2023
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After making an appearance at the Tuning World Bodensee in May, the McLaren SLR 999 is off to wow folks at the Dortmund MY CAR tuning show, which will take place from 11-14 November. If you get to lay eyes on this offering from the famed motor company, prepare to really and truly be dazzled. The vehicle is adorned with a gold-plated finish of more than 5 kg.

The handiwork of Swiss auto designer Ueli Anliker, the car also has 600 rubies on it as part of the “tuning” job, some of which measure 35 mm in diameter. Anliker has been specializing in this technique of adding jewelry onto cars for 35 years now.

According to the insurers, the vehicle has been valued at 5 million Swiss Francs (€3.7 million/$5.2 million), which is solely based on the physical cost of the car. Adding greatly to its value are the man hours that have been put into creating it – which Anliker says is approximately 30,000 hours.

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