Saturday, December 2, 2023
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We have known Lotus as one car maker that focuses on bringing out the best in light weight sports cars. The Paris Auto Show package was in fact testimony to Lotus’ plan which stressed on moving towards new concepts.

Lotus is now all set to launch its new car made specifically for the urban dwellers. Then new Mini concept is small, yet fast and it is supposed to be a blessing to the motorists in the busy crowded urban streets.

To come with advanced range-extended electric drivetrain with a single-speed transmission and an electric only range of roughly 40 miles, the car will also boast of a compact 3 cylinder engine. Pretty neat for a car of its class.

The new Mini car has been made by lotus in collaboration with parent company Proton. We hear three different variants of the car – a low-cost model for Asia, a regular one and a sportier version for the Western markets – are in the pipeline.

However, we hear that  the car will not be ready for roll out before 2014.

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