Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Lexus has brought 3 sports cars to the Tokyo Auto Salon. Among them, the CT200 H F Sport was earlier spotted at the Australian Motor Show in October with some differences. Lexus also has brought in two variants of the IS F model, the CCS-R (Circuit Club Sport Racer) and Club Performance Accessory.

As the name suggests the CCS-R was made for better performance on the circuit. There are many track-oriented fittings like race suspension, brakes, cooling and exhaust systems, mechanical limited-slip differential and forged alloys with racing tires. The car has 6-speed safety harness, which would ease the safety concern when speeding.

CCS-R’s bonnet, boot lid, front and rear spoilers all are made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is also featured in the interior for the centre console and the door trims. To give that sporty feel the steering wheel diameter is shortened. The roll cage is a new frameless one, windows are made of polycarbonate.

The other sibling of the IS F model, Club Performance Accessory comes from the Toyota Racing Department (TRD). It is the most powerful car in the IS series and comes with a 5.0 liter V8 engine producing a whopping 416 HP @ 6,600rpm and 371 lb-ft maximum torque @ 5200rpm.

The Club Performance Accessory sports a carbon fiber hood, rear diffuser, front and rear spoilers, sports suspension and brakes, titanium exhaust, magnesium rims and mechanical limited-slip differential.

This race bred car has been given a carbon switch panel base, paddle shift for quicker and smoother gear changes and orange sports seats in the interior.

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