Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Mazda will unveil its concept crossover SUV, Minagi at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show this March. Mazda will also bring the Skyactiv technology products and Shinari design concept car to the show.

The design theme for this car is called Kodo (soul of motion). The design of the car seems to be years ahead of the current all-smiles design adopted by Mazda. The Minagi Concept is expected to be a taste of things to come from Mazda.

The car wholly includes Mazda’s new Skyactiv technology, with a Skyactiv engine and transmission inside a Skyactiv body and chassis. The Skyactiv technology is said to give the perfect balance between driving pleasure, environmental protection and safety.

The car is also greatly fuel efficient courtesy of its Skyactiv elements and reduced weight. Mazda also states that the car will have sufficient safety features. It is speculated that the car will be hybrid (with two fuel sources).

The smiling face and the flowing lines make the Minagi concept strikingly different. Although Mazda is remaining quite on detailed specifications, we expect it to be released before its launch in Geneva.

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