Friday, December 8, 2023
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You might remember, Porsche was planning to introduce a 4-cylinder engine on its new small roadster. Latest buzz indicates that the carmaker is indeed developing a flat four engine for the mini roadster, Boxster, Cayman and even the 911.

The outgoing head of R&D at Porsche has confirmed the news, saying that the engine could be used to power the 911 (in the future).

However, he added that for now they will stick with the flat 6 cylinder engine. It is expected that the flat four cylinder engine might be used in 2012 Boxster and Cayman models.

The upcoming mini roadster becomes a likely candidate after Porsche won an internal dispute to put their own engine in the car.

The engine is 2.5L and with the help of a turbocharger can produce 360 HP (268 kW/365 PS) or more. The car is supposed to be sharing functions and parts with Volkswagen Bluesport and a sister car from Audi.

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