Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Porsche is said to be thinking of introducing the diesel Cayenne SUV and diesel Panamera in the US. Porsche may take the decision soon and may launch the vehicles this year itself because U.S is the single largest market for the German car makers.

Porsche is likely to unveil the Panamera diesel and a gasoline-electric hybrid this March at the Geneva Motor Show. Porsche has understood that the need for fuel efficient vehicles is increasing even in the premium segment.

This is no big deal for Porsche as they had started selling Cayenne diesel in Europe from 2009 beginning. In 2010 a Cayenne gasoline-electric hybrid was launched in Europe and the U.S. Since then diesel and hybrid versions makes up for 30% of Cayenne sales globally.

Bernhard Maier, the brand’s sales and marketing chief, told Automotive News Europe that even though U.S automotive market only has a small share for diesel vehicles, the routine is reversing. Maier said that Porsche would not be bringing diesel cars in China owing to poor quality fuel.

Maier said Porsche deliveries increased by 27 percent to more than 97,000 deliveries in 2010 and order quotes rose by 49 percent to 114,000 units. This is the company’s largest number of orders in history and looking good for the new year. With its presence in 113 globally scattered markets, Porsche can surely expect its sales to grow rapidly.

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