Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Glimpses of the new 2013 Mercedes S-class have been seen, courtesy of ‘spy-photographers’. The much awaited car was spied doing test runs in southern Germany  – though covered with tons of camouflage hiding details.

The larger grille and headlights borrowed from CLS with LED indicators were visible though. To add, from the pictures the car looks bigger compared to its older sibling. The powertrain could be from the S 500 vision concept.

Right now, the only gasoline-electric hybrid on offer by Mercedes is the S400, which combines a 3.5 liter V6 engine with an electric motor. The S400 is selling well in the US market, particularly in Hollywood, as celebrities look to dump their Priuses for something more in line with their social status.

Although not sure, the design element for the S-class must be from F700 and may have only hybrid engines apart from AMG variants. This would make sure that Mercedes helps the cause global fuel economy and emission norms. It should return at least 78 mpg (3 L/100Km) and CO2 emissions well under 100g/Km.

If only the hybrid version will be out, we have to wait and see. The car should be out some time in 2012.

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