Saturday, December 2, 2023
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A new generation line-up of vehicles from the Mercedes Benz stables will be electric. A joint venture between Daimler and Robert Bosch GmbH points to such a probability. As per the JV agreement, Daimler is looking to rope in Robert Bosch’s expertise in developing electric motors for the new line up.

Though news of the joint venture is out, the details happen to be very sketchy. What we get to know is that Daimler and Bosch have inked a letter of intent on a 50-50 partnership.  This is expected to put on track efforts aimed at development of electric motors.

It is being forecast that electric motor production will get kicked off during the first part of 2012. These motors will be incorporated into Mercedes vehicles that will roll out later next year.

It is likely that the first Merc electric vehicle to use the new electric motors could be the B-Class E-Cell and SLS AMG E-Cell (see gallery). However, no confirmation has come in this regard. Stay tuned.

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