Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The Peugeot SXC has had journeys of leaks  and teased photographs all the while. Now, finally, Peugeot themselves have officially released first images of the SXC crossover concept vehicle. The model was designed by the Peugeot design studio in Shanghai China Tech Center.

The model is styled like an SUV, with a gentle touch of a sedan. The company expects that the new concept is apt for the Chinese market. Cameras in the rear view mirrors, brushed aluminum trim augment the high-tech character.

The SXC has a 1.6 liter THP 160 kW combined with front and rear electric motors providing four-wheeled comfort driving. The vehicle can produce 230 kW and can give you a mileage of 5.8 liters per 100 km.

The concept vehicle measured 4.87 meters long, 2.04 meters wide and 1.61 meters high. The highlight of the model is its counter-opening doors giving access to the four-seats. The front is designed with a LED daytime running cat-eye like headlamps and the vehicle stands like a monster in its 22-inch wheels.

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