Friday, December 8, 2023
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Love-struck South Africans, this is for you! Volkswagen’s exclusive Date Drive is here. The largest matchmaking drive in that part of the world is getting underway soon. Volkswagen, in celebration of their new Polo GTI, will make the Date Drive happen where in fans will get to drive around in a Polo GTI. That’s a great idea of a date, right?

Date Drive will get underway this month, and if you are one of those enthusiasts who would want to make the most of your date with a spin around town, you can sign up on the official Date Drive website. As per VW, you can remain anonymous, and collect the vehicle before picking up their prospective partners. By doing so, you will also be able to drive around in the super sexy car without your partner knowing that it is actually on loan.

Along with the car, you will be offered a dating kit that comprises cologne, mouth spray and other stuff that will help in making your Date Drive a success! While on the date, you will also get to tweet your experiences all through the day. The Date Drive can also be tracked online via the dedicated website and also Twitter.

So after a day of Date Drive, you can return the car and conduct an anonymous ‘dating post-mortem’, a voluntary video interview shared on Twitter, Facebook and the official site giving Volkswagen fans the opportunity to come together.

The Polo GTI is being offered by VW with a 132kW, 1.4-litre TSI engine and seven speed DSG gearbox. The vehicle brings in ultimate sportiness along with economic performance and has a TSI engine and DSG (Dual Shift Gearbox) that work together to cut down on fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The Polo GTI boasts of a rear spoiler, red brake callipers, signature GTI bumpers and grille and twin chrome exhausts, and races from 0-100km/h speed in just 6.9 seconds.

VW is also lining up a select number of South African celebrities for all-paid date around Johannesburg and Cape Town.

So tell us if you are the prospective dater who wants to have a go at this opportunity. Being unveiled on May 30th, get set for the VW Polo GTI Date Drive by signing up here.

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