Friday, December 8, 2023
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The 30th anniversary of the GTI-Worthersee event witnessed some of the VW Group’s attempt to bring in something special to the show. Skoda’s gift to the event came through the Fabia Super 2000 Rally concept car.

The machine was designed specifically for the event and is a roadster version of the Fabia Super 2000. The sloping windscreen of the concept vehicle is an added attraction but the chopped off roof raises questions related to the car’s structural rigidity. Though the Rally 2000 was charming, it stands very little chance of ever making in to the streets.

Skoda also flaunted the sporty Fabia RS and the all-action Fabian Monte Carlo. Along with the innovative designs in its sports model, Skoda will be offering a packed program of entertainment.

Volkswagen debuted their Golf GTI Edition 35, which is already on sale in Germany, whereas Audi sparkled with the 500hp A1 Clubsport Quattro concept vehicle.

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